We’ve Got Issues

We’ve got issues, you’ve got issues, everyone’s got issues. Our case studies dive into several of those issues. They examine certain issues common to humans. The case studies will help us examine ourselves and others. This will lead to ideas to make things better, whether it be yourself, your household, community or wider world.

I Thee Wed

The story of the Rwandan genocide can be seen here.

I could tell you to imagine that your whole family was killed and ask you how you would react. For most it is nearly impossible to imagine but some can experience this or similar type of loss. Instead, analyze and either intense or long going dispute you have. What are the origins, what are the impediments to resolving this issue, did outside forces contribute such as (social) media, where their things that you did to try resolve the issue and why was the issue resolved or not resolved?

Past Case Studies

(News, Issues, Stories, Pics and Videos in One)

Across the Street – Rwanda and the DRC
Gisenyi, Rwanda and Goma, DRC are only a few miles apart but a visit to both begs the question, why does one succeed and another not?
Myanmar military coup
We all have power. There is a power in not having power as depicted Malcolm Gladwell’s book, David and Goliath. However, when should this power be exercised?