Pathinator Travel Lounge (PTL) is a place to explore and help our world and ourselves. We look at the world through current news, issues people face, innovative ways to fix these problems and travel experiences. We see what and why people are doing what they are doing and how we can be of service to others and to ourselves. PTL leads trips and help you lead trips or travel independently. For those who don’t have the travel bug, you can still travel vicariously through the lounge.

For those more interested in the travel part, there is an area for travel guides, pictures and stories as well as travel tips. If you would like a deeper look at issues we face in the world, first look at our news page (sometimes connected to a podcast), and then get additional background before looking at the issue it poses. Then look at people who can possible help while deciding on what you would do to address the issue.

Traveling makes one tougher yet weaker. It is mentally, financially and physically exhausting yet refreshing; there are no deadlines, no alarm clocks. I often feel like an old man yet I’m running around like a wide-eyed child. There are so many memories I would like to forget and so many memories that are unforgettable.”

Thoughts on traveling

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