A traveling view

Stories and pics from around the world connected with news and associated issues.

Our World

Some places are similar to others while others are very unusual. A look at numerous locations. Some of these articles are dated, so enjoy them with that understanding. Look for themes, what do people enjoy, fear, want changed? What is common to locations and what is unique? How do others address their problems and accentuate their positives.

  • Botswana Okavango, Kalahari, Chobe and no crocs
  • Ghana Snickers, President Obama and a beach slaughterhouse
  • Guinea Bissau and Conakry, bed bugs, fine hair and a rough night at the border
  • Ivory Coast rebel territory, Vatican Jr., and a moat with crocodiles
  • Kenya Nairobi, Chief Joe and the jumping Maasai
  • Liberia and Sierra Leone freedom, diamonds, healing and sleeping in a bombed out hotel
  • Madagascar Push push to see the lemurs
  • Malawi Black Mamba and tree decorations
  • Mali mud mosques, pigmies, remoteness and The Three Wiseman
  • Mauritania and Burkini Faso The Sahara, the world’s largest passenger train and a disappointing Manhattan
  • Namibia Hitching to ghost towns and a lot of sand
  • Niger and Nigeria CIA agent, extra terrestrials, a big city and big croc
  • Senegal and The Gambia colorful robes, Kunta Kinte and a welcome face
  • Somaliland – Why are you here?
  • South Africa Cape town, Kruger and and SOWETO
  • Togo and Benin voodoo, stilt villages, Tree of Forgetfulness
  • Tunisia – hot shave, Carthage and whitewashed buildings
  • Zambia Vic Falls and whiskey for George
  • Zimbabwe Inflation but no garbage
  • Brunei, Malaysia and Singapore wealth, big buildings, bats and a lot of rules
  • Indonesia orangutans, stilt houses, hiking and a horse
  • Laos and Myanmar flower pots, eating crickets a five hour visit and walking the family water buffalo
  • Maldives beaches, outdoor movie theaters, mopeds and an island prison
  • Philippines flying coffins, sugar daddies and a Central American feel
  • Sri Lanka I want Kandy, Buddha’s tooth and Adam’s foot
Central America
  • Belize unBelizeable natural beauty
  • Costa Rica there’s a reason there’s so many tourists
  • El Salvador don’t forget this country with its volcanoes, flowers and raw energy
  • Guatemala with emphasis on Antigua and Semana Santa
  • Mayan Ruins Tikal and Copan to name a couple
  • Nicaragua canopy tours, islands and festivals
  • Panama fitting through the Canal to see a beautiful country
Middle East
  • Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia – Stalin death mask, James Bond oil and amazing churches
  • Cyprus and Eastern Turkey Abraham, Noah’s Ark, Kurds and a split
  • Egypt pyramids, feluccas and amazing architecture
  • Israel 4 quarters, Bethlehem and a party town
  • Iraq bumper cars blindside, Saddam hideouts, old oil and peacocks
  • Jordan Dead Sea, River Jordan and Moses
  • Kuwait eating, looking for water and malls
  • Lebanon modern Beirut, pedestrian walkways and caves
  • Oman and UAE sweat rags, saunas and big sand traps
  • Red Sea Sinai, Jewish resistance, Petra and Lawrence of Arabia
  • Syria jumping off norias, lingerie and tests of faith
  • Turkey Gallipoli, Trojan horse and where east meets west
  • Australia no worries, footy, the bush and the big cities
  • Fiji coconuts, walking on fire, but no cannibals
South America