Why should I decide to travel with Pathinator?

First, we are experts. I have traveled to over 140 countries and still have contacts in a majority of those countries so I know the current situation. I know the places to go and I know the places not to go. A Google search is no replacement for firsthand knowledge.

Secondly, cost.  An organized tour that would cost $5,000, I have done personally for $2,000 as an independent traveler. I end up at the same main attractions as everyone else but the path to the attraction is unique. With my services you will pay a couple hundred for me to set up the majority of the trip, but you will still have enough flexibility to explore on your own. Factor in a couple hundred dollars for an upgrade in accommodations (I sleep with cockroaches when I travel) and your trip will come to $2,500. You save $2,500!!! You have basically seen the same things that the people who have spent $5,000 have seen. You have had to do some of the organization and you did wander around aimlessly, but for me that’s the fun of it. Also, you did get to that great museum at 8:30 instead of 8:00 when the organized tours arrived, which is actually better because now the masses of tourists are through and you can actually admire the paintings in the museum. You didn’t end up at that hotel on the beach for $400/night like the organized tours, instead you slept one block off the beach in a comparable hotel that cost $40/night. But the hotel is used only for sleeping and when you woke up you went over to the $400 hotel and laid on their beach -- nobody checks. Plus you saved $2,500!!!

 Lastly, you are treated as a person not a number. Bigger travel agencies sell generic, cookie-cutter tours that are great for taking pictures of major sites and then getting rushed to the next attraction with the hordes of other tourists. Professional photographers have already taken pictures and they have taken better pictures than you. No disrespect to your photo abilities. These cookie-cutter tours don’t take into account the uniqueness of you; thus you are not really traveling, as the cookie-cutters get no sense of what life is like for the average person. My goal is to tailor a trip for you.

 Travel your path. Be a traveler, not a tourist.

 Can’t I just get a travel book?

 Sure. When I first started traveling I used travel books, but I haven’t used one in years. The problem with the books is by the time they are published they are two years out of date. The research is even more outdated as most revised editions are simply updating the prices on hotels and restaurants, but there is no new research. In the end, these books simply depict what the original author liked and did while traveling. That author may like and do the same things as you or, more likely, may be completely different than you.

Travel your path. It’s not in a book.

Why can’t I just do this online and save money?

With the proliferation of the Internet, this is an option. But will I save money? Doubtful. First, group faress are cheaper than individual fares. In addition, with the wealth of money saving strategies that are part of my services, you have the opportunity to save even more money.

 Of more importance, you save time. One time-saver is booking of the flights, accommodations, attractions, etc. Another time-saver is with a loose itinerary; travelers can make the most of their trip. You rush across traffic in Cairo, fighting her 25 million inhabitants and fighting the 110 degree heat. But you make it to the museum in time only to find that it’s closed on Monday – and moved two years ago after your outdated travel book was published. Anyone remember Wally World?

 Travel your path. Get the right information