Trips for Summer 2017

2017 Destinations include SE Asia and South America   _____________________________________________________________________________

All trips require 6 Pathinators.

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Sample Past Trips


2016 - Included Jamaica, Haiti and Dominican Republic


2015 - Included Ethiopia and Somalia

Belize, June 11 - 20, 2014.      

The trip to Belize included an amazing combination of adventure, relaxing islands, the jungle, history and culture, competition, ecotourism and service as depicted in the 10 day itinerary. Belize is located south of Mexico and east of Guatemala. Unlike Mexico and the rest of Central America, English is the official language and there is a noticeable African influence as compared to the Spanish influence found elsewhere. The lively Creole dialect, wildlife, world’s second longest barrier reef, lovely Cayes and beaches and more relaxed atmosphere with a safer environment make Belize a popular Caribbean destination for many. Read more.



India, Bangladesh and Bhutan, June 12 – 29, 2013.

A mix of 3 very different countries culturally and religiously. In the predominately Hindu country of India we visited the holy city of Varanasi and where the Buddha reached enlightenment, we were treated like rock stars in the sparsely visited, mainly Muslim country of Bangladesh. After sweating it out in India and Bangladesh, we appreciated the calm and cooler weather of the mountainous in the predominately Buddhist country of Bhutan. 

Mexico City – June 13 - 17, 2012

Only 4 days in Mexico City but there were heeps of activities that our Pathinators enjoyed. There was museums, pyramids,the Basilica of Guadalupe, wrestling and an amazing day trips.