Travel Tips

- Take pictures of people not buildings.

- Do what you want to do, not what a book or a tour guide wants.

- Travel light. I have the 20% rule. If I don’t use it once every five days, I don’t pack it. Also, I take a test run with my luggage, literally. I run up and down the block with my luggage and if it’s too heavy before I leave, it’s going to be too heavy after I leave.

- You have to trust someone on the road. In general, however, I don’t trust people that come up to me.

- Keep your fingernails and toenails clipped. Nasty things can get under your toenails quickly. I almost always lose my big toe’s nail every time I travel.

- What makes you successful in life, makes you successful when traveling. Be patient – another train is coming in 10 minutes. Smile, but be persistent. Don’t be stupid. If 4 bananas cost $1 here in the US, there not going to cost $10 in Latin America where they are falling off half the trees.