Travel itinerary with bookings. ($99 for 10 days or less, $149 for 11 – 20 days, $199 for 21-30, negotiable for 31 days and beyond).

Pathinator can set up your personalized trip. After filling out details on what you, yes you, want to see, not what the travel agency has available to show you, I will develop an itinerary specifically for you. The suggested itinerary will include detailed information on accommodations, restaurants, transport, attractions, money saving tips and updated maps. This itinerary will save you time but more importantly it is unique to you. Don’t want to see museums?  Rather sit on a beach or find a good bar? Your itinerary will be designed that way. You are an adventure-seeker and don’t want to relax. Your itinerary will be designed that way. Want to volunteer to help make the world a better place. Your itinerary will be designed that way. Also, I can tell which parts of the trip is tax deductible.  I will then book what you want booked and you can choose what you want to book later, all the while saving time and money. How? Let’s look.

You pay $149 for our services, we book a flight for $50 less wholesale than you can online, and a hotel wholesale for $10 less a night for 10 nights, which is $100 in hotel savings. You have saved $150, spent $149 on my services and, in addition, have a detailed itinerary designed for you.

 No airfare or hotel wholesale savings? You still save through my research and contacts on accommodations, dining and attractions. Finding a hotel through my contacts (which is usually hidden in a Google search) for $20 cheaper a night to a comparable hotel, saves you $200 on the trip.