Travel consulting ($49)


Needed for non-traditional countries and attractions with limited information or that change often. Due to my experience and my contacts in a variety of countries, I can get current, unbiased information from people on the ground. I can get information on how to stay safe and enjoy your trip.


Still helpful when traveling independently to any destination to help save money. Other travel agents aren’t going to give you information to save money. Why would they?  If they give you information on how to do it yourself, they will lose money. My chief concern is to get as many people traveling independently and experiencing some of the amazing things I have seen and done.


When buying travel consulting, you can ask up to ten questions, with four more optional follow-up questions. With this amount of access, the $49 can easily be made up.


Question 1. What’s the cheapest way to get from the airport to my hotel?


Answer 1. There is no public transport so unfortunately you will need to take a taxi. The taxi drivers at the airport will charge you $40, walking across the street from Departure A at the airport to the seven-eleven. There will be tuk tuk drivers there that will take you from your airport to your hotel for $20.


Question 2. I want to go to the city’s Museum of Flyswatters. Do you think this is worth it?


Answer 2. Yes, I love flyswatters. Go on Wednesday.  It’s free.  You’ll save $5.


Question 3. I want to go on safari. I bought a travel book that said go with Crazy Safari and I checked online and saw one company, Outsy Safaris, has a 3–day safari for $199 and another company, Hadsf Tours, has one for $299.  What do you think?


Answer 3. You’d be crazy to book Crazy Safari as your outdated travel book doesn’t know that that company changed ownership and know provides very poor services. I’ll check with my contact in Namiba about the two online companies. I’ll get back to you ASAP.


Follow up 3. Outsy is a fraud. You have to wire money to Namibia and, although you do get a receipt, when you arrive in Windhoek there is no office to cash the receipt. Generally, in Africa once the money is exchanged, the money is gone. Hadsf is good but expensive. You can get the same service but you’ll pay only $249 if you go through Certy.


You have now saved $20, $5 and $50, for a total of $75 after paying $49 for my services and you still have 7 questions left to save more money. You did waste $30 on a useless, outdated travel book though. You also wasted your time on that Google search of Namibian safaris.