Travel your path

As an expert traveler, I meet a lot of different types of people; some are locals, some are other independent travelers, and others are tourists.

Many of these people are going through major changes and are looking to write a new chapter in their life. Traveling is a fantastic way to do this. However, you don’t need to be going through a huge change to write a new page through travel; anyone can travel.            

Somewhere near the Mali border I’ve seen some disgusting things traveling – triple amputees, people      starving to death, horrid poverty. What I’ve also found disgusting is  traveling in a big tour bus with no real interaction with locals. I’m  reminded of a story by a tourists who was in Africa and was watching a  traditional dance in traditional clothing for the chief (and for the  tourists). The next day he saw the “chief” in the city wearing blue  jeans. What a disgusting, fake cultural experience.  

Why do you travel? If you want to relax on a beach, then you are not  ready to be a Pathinator. If you want to spend time on a big travel bus  visiting fake chiefs you are not ready to be a Pathinator. If you want a  real experience from a unique perspective, to challenge yourself and to  change your  soul you are  ready to be a Pathinator.