The origin of Pathinator comes from when I was backpacking in Venezuela a few years back. I was talking to an American teacher and mentioned my goal of combining my passion for teaching and traveling and thus lead students through numerous countries. He replied, do you realize if you do that you are personally responsible and personally liable? He then proceeded to tell me his story of leading students and a couple of kids getting in trouble and injured and how 10 years after getting sued because of those incidents he was still trying to recover.  

So I looked at liability insurance and as you might expect it is very expensive due to the heavy exposure on an independent, adventure tour. Thus for a teacher leading students or a religious leader leading their parishioners, or an organization head leading members  on a tour once a year, the liability insurance makes the trip cost prohibitive so people then go with the big companies that basically are a cattle call and are  the same tours to the same places.

Thus my idea started to form: to create a travel experience that was not cookie cutter, one that was unique to each group and that anyone could lead. A teacher can book through my company for a fee, but one that is manageable compared to having to purchase their own insurance. Thus the teacher and their students can have a unique trip, one in which they do some of the planning and the research as well. For example a trip to a Mayan ruin could be done by having each student research one aspect about the ruins beforehand and thus leading that part of the tour when we arrive at the ruins. Thus there really is no need for a paid guide, and coupled with taking public transport instead of the tour guide’s van, the students get an authentic experience and the parents or whoever is paying gets to save money in this case $70 a person. Students and teacher could plan other aspects that they really want to see as opposed to checking a box through the big companies that says they like nature and thus just getting sent to the biggest reserve in the country or the national zoo during the tour.


So if you want your students or friends to have a real, authentic experience, you need to consider if a generic trip from a generic company is for you. If it’s not it’s time we talked  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.