My mission is for everyone to enjoy traveling as much as I do. It’s a liberating experience and has truly changed not just my life but my soul. Traveling makes one tougher yet weaker. It is mentally, financially and physically exhausting but easy – no deadlines, no alarm clocks. I often feel like an old man yet I’m running around like a wide-eyed child. There are so many memories I would like to forget and so many memories that are unforgettable. Traveling is one the few legal adventures left with minimal government intrusions where individuals can do pretty much whatever they want.

 “In order to know the world, one must first travel it.” I noticed this slogan on a T-shirt on Khao San Road in Bangkok and I’ve found it to be so true. I’ve now been to 141 countries and it is still a rush: Angkor Wat, Timbuktu and the Sahara, the rawness of Africa with people starving to death at bus stations, the place of Christ’s birth and death, people shooting rocket launchers at cows in Cambodia, eating crickets and other mystery food, getting food poisoning, visiting Saddam’s old hideout in Iraq, sleeping in a hotel that got hit by a rocket in Liberia, the nightlife of Rio, Red Square, Hiroshima, Machu Picchu, Panama Canal, The Pyramids, The Great Wall, Galapagos Islands,  Palmyra, Mt. Everest, the beauty of Columbia and Venezuela, the 125 degree heat of Arabia, the smells of India, the friendly mates in Australia, the mighty predators of the African savanna hunting their pray, the sights of the great European cities. All of this is open to all of us.