Pathinating Leaders

 We, at Pathinator, can of course organize trips throughout the world. The trips are meant for Pathinators to travel, compete, laugh, learn and liberate. We want to travel to places where others often don’t venture. To have friendly competitions versus others you are traveling with. To have fun while traveling even though there might be some struggles along the way. To learn about the area where we are traveling through authentic interaction with the people in that area. To liberate through service and/or through developing a different view of the world.

However, what if you want to lead your own group? We encourage you to become a Pathinating Leader and will assist you with leading the group. We will help you organize the trip, make bookings and help lead the trips. How can a trip be a unique trip when thousands of people are doing the same trip through the cookie cutter travel companies? The only way a trip can be unique to you and your group is if you help organize it.

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